How to prepare beehives for winter in Quebec, Canada

To make sure that bees survive harsh winters of Quebec, I always ensure that beehives are very well insulated for the winter and bees are well prepared to survive it.

I have prepared the following checklist which helps me to ensure that I don’t miss anything when inspecting and wintering beehives:

  1. Leave at least 45 lbs to 65 lbs (20kg to 30kg) of honey to make sure your bees have sufficient food supply to get through the winter
  2. Inspect heney bees for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parastic mites, insect pests or predators
  3. Ensure that queen is strong enough to survive the winter. Ideally, you should have young strong queen.
  4. Inspect beehive to make sure it is intact, properly ventilated and dry.
  5. Insulate the beehive

My ultimate beehive insulation kit

  • Thermal bubble insulation
  • Garbage bags
  • Small stapler
  • Manual stapler gun
  • Staples

beehive insulation kit

Beehive insulation

Beehive insulation for winter